Welcome to my world, feel free to wonder around and meet my little creatures. My artwork might seem unusual and eerie but who’s not a bit strange? 

I am a self representing artist and self taught, born and raise in Compton, Ca.  All my art pieces are unique and handmade.  I am Lupe Flores; artists and doll maker =) it’s a pleasure to meet you.

SHOP: Black Willow Gallery, an online store.  Here you will find everything from prints, handmade rag dolls, necklaces, shirts and accessories.


Upcoming Events


I am honor to be the feature artist of this Day of the Dead inspired group artshow. I will be showing 10 new, never before seen paintings! Come and join us, opening is from 7-10 pm. Prints will be available at gallery.

For flash sales or special announcements FOLLOW ME on Instagram @lupesart

You can also find my artwork here:

Hyaena Gallery Burbank, Ca

Vintage Galeria Olvera Street, Los Angeles, Ca

NSZ Vape creators of “ejuice2die4”

Buy prints of the e-juice 2 die 4 artwork here

11.02.14 Rose Hills in Whittier Day of the Dead Festival from 10 am - 5 pm

               I will be vending at this event =) see you there!.